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  • Nicola Breach

New Group show with PROOF Printmakers

New etchings almost ready for show at The Art House, Sheffield

Dates: SAT 10th June to Friday 23rd June

Opening Event: 4-7pm SAT 10th

Gallery opening times: Weekdays 10am-4pm, Sat 10am-4pm

I am delighted to be exhibiting again with my 'PROOF' printing friends at the Art House in Sheffield. This will be the second group exhibition this year before we move our prints to Robert Burt Gallery, London in July. Im busy completing a two plate etching using aqua tint and spit bite techniques. Also I'm aiming to hand colour the work as I did with the etching pictured below:'Nothing is ever Still Angelica' Thanks for the fabulous interest I received at our last exhibition at Kosmonaut Bar, Northern Quarter, Manchester. The night was a great success for all artists.

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